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When Pay It Forward Realty Inc. markets a property we understand that not only do we need to reach every possible buyer but that we need to do it quickly so that we are negotiating the sale of your home early in the listing process when you are in the strongest negotiating position.  Pay It Forward Realty Inc. offers a unique marketing experience and actually runs two separate marketing campaigns for every property.  Our specialized marketing approach not only ensures we are negotiating with the highest possible number of buyers, but that we are negotiating at the right time to maximize your sale price.  No one else markets like Pay It Forward Realty Inc.

Social Media

As crazy as social media is right now, it’s only getting more popular.  When you think of social media you may automatically think of Facebook and staying in the loop with your family and friends, while keeping tabs on your kids, if they haven’t blocked you already.  Social media is relatively young as an advertising medium and it’s only going to become more powerful of a marketing tool as time goes on.  The Pay It Forward Team has a designated Social Media Master with massive networks across the GTA marketing to much large markets drawing in out of town and local buyers utilizing The Pay It Forward Web Page, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and SnapChat, Watching your property on professional video tour with an elegant description with professional photographs sparing no cost making your home looking at its best.  Being transparent on our social media sites building an audience and landing your home in front of more qualified buyers than ever before.

What does that mean to our clients?  More exposure, more traffic, more competition and ……..more money!

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